Fred malguy, photographe, reporter et illustrateur ©

Fred Malguy

Free-lance Photographer
30 years of professional experience in the art of photography and the power of the image !
Qualified as a Mountain Guide and Alpine Ski Coach, bursting with fresh ideas, inspirational images and top techniques.

Services offered

  • Photographic production
  • Video realisation and production
  • Specialised in mountain landscapes, wildlife and nature, outdoor sports, leisure, tourism…
  • Photographic composition for illustration, publicity, press and internet, from leisure to tourism…
  • Press coverage : Institutional, evenementiels, travel, discovery, adventures in France and abroad.

Fred Malguy Image Workshops
Initiation in photography and video through practice in english.



A Photographic odyssey, landscapes, wildlife, sports, architecture, people from here and a far…
Essential camera skills, from composition to the summum, that will change your photography forever ! The fine art of image production through digital workshops.

Initiation workshops in video skills

Initiation workshops in video skills to mini film production Short story movie production (3 minutes) from theory to production and the realisation in video. 100% hands on !

A familly tradition

Fred Malguy was born into a mountaineering and ski-ing familly.